100 days without refined sugar.

Recently I completed 100+ days of ‘No Refined Sugar’. Observed quite a few changes in my body, and on my mind.

First 7 days were terrible. Even after good night’s sleep, I used to feel sleepy during the day. But its intensity gradually reduced. As far as body is concerned weight is down by 2.5% and fat percentage reduced from 18.1% to 12%. This stat could excite some of you. During this period I have not done any other lifestyle change.

The awareness has increased on multiple levels. First, on understanding sources of refined sugar that we keep on consuming. Second, on tackling questions from friends, families and random people, and the way people react when I say “I quit refined sugar.” Its interesting the way people pass judgements , react and at the same time its funny to listen to them. The confidence that they have is so amazing. Some reactions are : ‘You are not fat, then why’ , ‘Do you have diabetes?’, ‘Don’t do this, eating sugar is good for health’, ‘Sugar gives energy’, ‘Sugar level will go down below normal’. Whenever I hear something like this, I always remember this quote from Naval Ravikant : “There Are No Adults” Everyone’s making it up as they go along.

This decision of quitting sugar is not about being hard on myself. I saw few benefits. I like to experiment and I did this with my own research. Also, I had reward days at certain intervals (At around 25 days) to enjoy some sweets, deserts. I now consciously choose when and how to consume sugar. I have started using alternatives for sweetness like honey, jaggery, dates.

On the other hand, few people got inspired and quit refined sugar. Hope they are still doing it and more importantly enjoying it. Family started responding to my ‘Bin-sakhrecha Chaha’(tea without sugar) movement; and now we happily enjoy our tea without sugar or with jaggery powder.

If you want to quit sugar, then I would recommend few things :
1. Do your own research and do it. Research took me more than a month. I can give inputs here, but self-study and inspiration will last last longer.
2. Do it with love for your body and yourself.
3. Reward days help to keep you going. That is why they are reward days and not cheat days. This shift in thinking makes a huge impact.
4. Keep track of few parameters of your body like weight, fat, sugar level etc.
5. Consult with a professional if needed.

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